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Collaborating to Achieve Success

     Jacqueline, affectionately known as Jackie, is a seasoned Operations Project Manager whose journey from the East Coast to the captivating landscapes of Colorado reflects her adventurous spirit and passion for excellence. Entranced by the grandeur of the mountains, the allure of the outdoors, and the vibrant performing arts scene, Jackie brings a dynamic blend of experience and enthusiasm to every endeavor.

     Equipped with a Master of Business degree with a specialized focus in Health Care Management, Jackie's profound knowledge and expertise serve as the cornerstone of her professional repertoire. Currently, she serves as the trusted Operations Consultant for multiple enterprises, where her strategic insight not only propels organizational missions forward but also inspires new directions.     

     Jackie's role is multifaceted, encompassing a spectrum of responsibilities aimed at operational optimization and sustainable growth. From resource mobilization to executive support in organizational enhancement, she orchestrates seamless operational frameworks that drive efficiency and efficacy.

     A consummate collaborator, Jackie fosters robust relationships with stakeholders, navigating complexities with finesse and ensuring alignment toward common objectives. With a keen eye for compliance and an adept hand at procedural refinement, she engineers systems that mitigate risks and foster a culture of accountability and excellence.

Our Passion

     At the heart of her mission lies a steadfast commitment to fostering organization’s ability to prosper and thrive through strategic foresight, laying the groundwork for expansive growth, yet instilling a sense of hope, growth opportunities, and program innovation.

     Jackie epitomizes the quintessential Operations Project Manager, dedicated to translating vision into reality. With unwavering dedication and a penchant for excellence, she catalyzes transformative change, propelling organizations toward unparalleled success.

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